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Beautiful gun!!

That's a real beauty. Congratulations. I have shot both guns. Side by side. Perhaps I'm only a purist when it comes to scotch lol. For me, my 686, feels better, looks better and can throw slightly hot magnum loads with deadly precision all day long. The 19 is just as accurate (but from what I've read, may not be suited for a steady diet of magnums??) but does not instill the same confidence and security as when I'm looking down the sights of my 686. I love my single action SBH too , but that's just a beast of a different story. So, Aid...tell me, what would you consider the right price on my 19? Just out of curiosity, ballpark it for me please. Lets conservatively put it at 95% condition, with all of the extras. What are your thoughts?

Arlie, those are gorgeous guns as well!! As for my wife, well I can't really fault her. She truly is my better half and with the political climate surrounding guns lately, I may have made a few more purchases than normal. She's not wrong, one of has to be the responsible one lol. Fact is I detest the polymer guns. Of all of the weapons in my safe, not a single piece of Tupperware but I am a sig guy through and through. Whether it's the absurdity of the name......2SUM, the near perfect balance for a small lightweight gun, or just a wild hair on my part(which I don't think it is) I am lusting after that gun, and aside from getting my first 1911 years ago, that almost never happens. Lol.
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