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Sigslayer, I actually got Model 66 with 6" barrel: a stainless cousin of your Model 19. I sent a payment for it about eight hours before you placed your post. Before that I spent about a month reading every singe post and ad related to Models 19 and 66, so, I think I know about them as much as there is to know. That includes such fine details as when pinned barrels were discontinued, what different sights were used, what grips are available and so on.

I shot model 66 against 686 I found it being more comfortable (for me IMO). The funny part is that when I went to the range and rented a revolver, guys on the range did not know they have both 66 and 686, they thought it was the same gun. I did not know either, so I ended up with 686 couple of time and then with 66 a couple of times. I thought one of them felt a little better even though they were very-very similar until I looked under the cylinder and saw they are different models.

So, I started looking for either Model 19 or 66 to buy. Since both are out of production I looked for used. I was leaning towards 19, because I really liked the looks of it. On the other hand 66 is a more practical gun. I kept looking for a few weeks until I came across a gentleman on line who received 66 in trade. Judging by pictures and his description it is in excellent to mint condition and the asking price was on the lower end of the spectrum. I grabbed it. It was yesterday morning...

Anyway, if you decide to sell your Model 19, it will fly out of your hands for the right price. But if you MUST sell a gun in order to buy another gun, you'll do yourself a favor by taking both 19 and 686 on the range and comparing them. I did (686 against 66) and liked 66 better, even though they are very similar...

Here is mine, can't wait to see it in person

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