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You are definitely clueless there.

There is no comparison with a Hipoint and a Ruger SR9. I wouldn't buy a Hipoint; you'd have to give it to me. I still won't use it to defend my life. I've shot one and know enough how they perform; crude and not always 100% reliable.

Now the SR series pistols have been tested and updated. They are great pistols for the value. Usually around $399 for the 9mm or 40. I would not hesitate to buy an SR9/40 and use it for CC and self-defense.

If you're saying you won't pay more than $150 for a Ruger pistol, well then get yourself a Hipoint...
Sorry but I consider SR9 a POS plastic, low grade and cheaply made the same as I consider a Hi-piont.

I am in the market for a Mark III at $300. I think it is a nice gun and a good deal at $300. Other then the Mark III I am not impressed with Ruger these days.

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