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Standard full length sizing dies, set up and used correctly, have produced the most accurate .30-06 ammo for decades. And no crimp on case mouths is needed; it hurts accuracy anyway, so a conventional seater is plenty good enough.

The only thing that'll improve them is to lap the sizing die's neck out to a couple thousandths smaller than a loaded round's neck diameter then replace the expander ball with a sub caliber one so the case necks won't get bent crooked. Or get a full length bushing die from RCBS or Redding and pick the bushing size that's correct.

Naysayers to this suggestion may want to evaluate the way they test .30-06 rifles for accuracy. Those show do it right will agree with me. Such dies were used at arsenals making 30 caliber match ammo and good lots (best bullets used) of it in good rifles with good barrels shot under 1/3 MOA at 100 yards.
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