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“There was a problem I did see with 1911s or other guns with external safety's. You'd be surprised how many people start to shoot and have to pause to take the safety off. “
-Yes, I’ve seen experienced shooters forget to take the safety off. It’s the proverbial straw that convinced me to shift from a 1911 style (cocked and locked) to a DAO style. I’m sure plenty of 1911 shooters are just fine, but I didn’t trust myself in a BAD DAY situation to do that, even with muscle memory. Add that I had started shooting competitions with a DAO and I became convinced I might have the same problem.

“I also see handload screwups quite a bit.”
-Indeed. The combination of handloads and people tinkering with their guns can drive reliability down quite a bit. Now handloads aren’t bad at all if there is attention to detail. Its that they are often loaded light to reduce recoil, and that can impact the action. A good stock Glock/S&P with good ammunition usually run very well if the mags are also in good working order.
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