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I'm an ameteur.I do not have to think in terms of a business plan,and there may be a better way.

I have had excellent luck with Cylinder and Slide hammer/sear/disconnect kits,of the service to carry sort vs competition.

For myself,I have the Wilson beavertail jig and I like their grip safety.

Look at Fusion Firearms kits

I built one on a Caspian frame/slide.Good stuff.

Frankly,for a modest investment,you can get a slide/frame/bbl from Sarco,RIA,for about $225.IMO,its good value,and servicable.Maybe a good learning project.

I lean toward Ed Brown or Wilson for the rest of my parts.

Get a high quality slide stop.

I like the basic Colt thumb safety.Buy two.They are under $20,the first one might be practice.

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