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Are you worried the light will rough up the finish? Cerakote is a VERY strong finish. Unless you do nothing but put it on take it off all day over the next year it should be fine. I wouldn't worry about it. Why would you be thumbing the hammer down? If its live then it should be condition 1: cocked and locked with the safety on. 1911s will NOT go off unless that grip safety is depressed. Pretty safe IMO. If you need to put the hammer down then empty the chamber first. I would do a lot of draw and dry fire drys before you employ this gun for anything other than range. The 1911 is a breed all its own. It scares a lot of people (cocked and locked) and if you're not used to SAO then that trigger may just surprise you when you're going for your first shot with speed. As for reliability.... You said it was tight. I've heard (and lord knows not all sources are creditable) that the tighter a slide to frame fit is the more you have to worry bout something getting in there to mess it up. And yea due to Sig's funky lines holsters may be a little uncommon. I wouldn't carry it or use it for a nightstand gun till you were comfy with cocked and locked. But in any manner keep us posted with your progress. Here in about 2.5 months (maybe 2) ill be picking up a Colt Rail Gun if I can find one. We'll have to compare the two cause those Sig's sure are tempting.
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