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I have a variety of ruger firearms from different years of manufacture. I know ruger quality and the changes they have made as well as anyone. I am very disappointed about the dramatic rising prices of their products and what I see as cost cutting. Companys across the board seem to do this as they gain reputation and sales. Corners are cut as long as sales stay strong. You are free to disagree and say I don't know What I'm talking about but Ruger today is a different company than it was in the early 70s. Ruger standard 10/22 carbine used to come with a Walnut stock and annodized finish up the mid to late 70s or early 80s. I bought one of these stocks off ebay and see complete rifles come up for auction regular enough. They sell at a premium. Older guns also had two bolt guide rails in the receiver. This feature was later deleated. Deluxe carbines have always had walnut. The annodized black finish lasted till around the mid 90s. Now even the Deluxe 10/22 has plastic parts on the trigger guard and cheaper painted finish. How is this keeping up standards of their products? They also deleted the hammer bushings when they adopted the plastic trigger group making it harder to drop in a hammer parts kit from power custom/volquartzen etc to improve pull without buying more parts. I'll agree ruger still makes very functional firearms, but I disagree that they have maintained quality standards or are as affordable as they ever were. I do know what I'm talking about but it is obvious that a lot of you who want to slam me for starting this topic haven't seen very many Ruger guns.
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