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Welcome aboard Sigslayer!

The model 19 is one of the best revolvers ever made (obviously my opininon).
it's the right size with minimal recoil and one of the best triggers you will ever find in a stock revolver. sadly I only have one (6" Bbl), and if I had the dough, I would try to talk you out of it. I say keep it and give it a chance. But of course it's your decision. I've had numerous auto pistols, Browning Hi-Power, Springfield Armory 1911-A1, H&K USP, etc ... but after 40+ years of shooting & hunting, I'm back to where I started, single & double action revolvers, sweet shooting, powerful, utterly reliable, and they don't spit brass everywhere. nothing wrong with semi-autos and the ones that I owned never failed after thousands of rounds, for me they just lost their appeal. I do keep one around for home defense, but the revolvers work for that too!! Good Shootin!
the 19 is on the bottommarch inventory 154.jpg

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