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I figured I draw flack from some:

I don't know what loads, I don't know who if any were "limp wristing". I doubt Glock owners limp wrist more the others.

I just looked at the guns as they were being fired. Maybe all Glock shooters were using bad loads, maybe all M&P shooters were using factory ammo.

I highly doubt it.

I know by watching 26 shooters, all but two of us using semis, the Glocks had more failures of one sort or other then the M&Ps. Rattlie old colts didn't seem to have many problems. High Price comp guns did.

Granted it was just one match, I'll keep watching throughout the season and see if the trend continues.

Like I said, I don't own Glocks or M&P's, I'm primary a revolver shooter so I have no dog in the fight, just my observations. None of which would get me to switch from my revolvers.
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