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Welcome to the forum! I am new myself and can not provide a lot of information based on experience. But I am actively learning about revolvers for number of months now and came to a conclusion that majority of revolver enthusiasts consider Model 19 one of the most sought after revolvers is the history of double action. Supposedly it has one of the best actions and accuracy among revolvers. The only drawback is that it is not recommended to feed it with full magnum load on regular basis. It is a magnum revolver though, just not the toughest one.

Again, strictly from what I leaned from others, this revolver may be more to your liking than 686 you have. I think before you move it the least you can do is to take them both to the range and compare side by side. As far as value (I've been watching Model 19 and its cousin Model 66 very closely lately) it looks like it will fetch $500 to $700 depending on the condition and your luck. Your 686 will fetch about the same amount, thus comparing them on the range makes even more sense.

I am sure more experienced revolver crowd will add a lot more to my statements.

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