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S&W 19-4 357 Combat Magnum

Hello folks. This is my first post to this forum. I'm looking for some opinions/ info. I am an avid shooter and firearm enthusiast. I recently made a trade and as part of it, I received a very nice 19-4 4" blued with pachmayr grips. I got some ammo, holster and speed loaders along with it. I've done some research on the gun, but would love to hear some opinions. I'm unsure if I'm going to keep it, or sell it (I'm eyeing a sig 2sum, but wife says no more purchases unless I get rid of something. I have a 686 357 and super black hawk in 44mag, as well as a governr. The rest of my handguns are semi autos. I'm not set on any course of action at this point. Hoping some feedback and discussion can help me make that call. Any info, value, desirability, history eye would be helpful.
Thanks in advance for your time & effort.
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