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The future of the Ruger American

I have heard so much praise about these new Ruger Americans and how they are so accurate for an entry-level rifle and so on, and its got me wanting one like crazy. At about $350 it seems like a heck of a deal. The only problem is, I either have or have something really close to each chambering its offered in. If I were to buy one today, it might be the .22-250 but the 22" barrel is a little short and the 1:10 twist a little faster than ideal for shooting the lighter bullets I'd like to load for it.

Anyway my question is, has anyone "heard through the grapevine" any plans of if/when they will release any new chamberings for the RAR and what they might be?

I would assume a couple more will be released at the beginning of next year but I've heard nothing specific about it. I'd love to see .204 ruger, or 6.5 creedmoor added to the lineup but I don't expect it to happen.
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