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Thanks for the info guys. A bit more backstory is I inherited an old school lee loader reloding style set with auto prime in it. This was my grandpa's (dads father) that he used sometime starting in the 60's. Not sure when all the stuff was collected but he passes away 9 years ago.

When that happened this kit went to my other grandpa till it could be given to me. I reloaded with him on a turret press set up for about 10 years. Then I took 10 years off for school and life. Now that I have it in my possession I decided i'm going to upgrade somethings to stuff I know of. I bought a Lee hand press because I live in an apartment and didn't want to do all the hammering with the lee loaders. The new press came with the ram prime.

But like many I am frugal but also sentimental. I like to use the tools of my ancestors. I did buy the Auto Prime shell holders for the 30-30 and 30-40 so I can use it with my rifles. The new lee dies I just picked up have shell holders too so I guess I can use both systems and see which fit best.

Again thanks for your help and info.
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