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Thanks for the compliment

Yeah I think the mag is definitely suspect as its a cheapy. I have 4 USGI mags en route from a buddy who is currently serving. Hopefully they are of good quilty.. If not, I will replace the followers or just get some PMAGS but im waiting until I receive his GI mags because I know there are a few GI mag makers that make good ones.

I am going to only shoot 5.56 for the first 100 or 200 rounds in hopes of giving it a break in period like you and others have suggested.

I am praying the gas block is not the culprit as I REALLY dont want to take off that free float handguard! It looks sweet but was kind of a PITA to install. I didnt want to overtigthen the gas block so I made it "pretty snug" and then I applied loctite to 1 of the 2 set screws. Like I said before, it has a big hole compared to the hole on the barrel but who knows. Hopefully after I get a few hundred rounds down range it'll just break in and work right. If not, im gonna have to explore the gun and find whats not working because I want a rifle that WORKS!
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