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In general....the length of the receiver on a pump or semi-auto is about 2" longer than the receiver on an O/U....

so an O/U with 30" barrels is about the same overall length as a pump or semi-auto with a 28" barrel.
All of these issues are up to you .....but if a gun is well balanced, the 30" barrel in an O/U might be an asset or it might not. To me an O/U with 28" barrels, although I loved guns in that configuration for 20+ yrs, ----when I bought my first Citori's with 30" barrels in about 1998, I just flat liked them a lot more. But I'm 6'5" and 290 lbs....

My buddy is about 6' and 180 lbs....and he likes his O/U's heavier than I do - at around 9 lbs...but he likes them in 26" or 28" at the longest.

In Trap guns...where a longer and heavier barrels are an advantage because there is less left to right barrel movement...and the weight helps keep the gun moving...a 32" O/U at around 10 lbs ( like a Citori XT I think is perfect) and if I wanted a single barrel, like a BT-99 I'd go to a 34"...

But no two of us are exactly alike.... primary guns in both 28ga and .410 are both Browning Citori O/U's with 30" barrels...and while, out of the box they're right at 7.5 lbs....I add about 8oz in the forend and 8oz in the stock get them both up to around 8.5 lbs they feel exactly like my 12ga primary Citori ( XS Skeet model, with the adj comb )..../ and those XS Skeet models are my upland bird field guns ...and I've even taken them on some "gentlemen" duck hunts where I knew I was in blinds..and not wading thru marsh land....

But that's why none of us can tell you what to do ...only what we would do - for your consideration ( at least we're shooters vs a gun sales guy - that may have no idea, except what it costs, on one model or the other)....

but yes, Brownings are very good guns ...and they're not giving them away / but they give you by far, in my view, the most gun for the money these days all of the 29 versions of the Citori ...or the Cynergy line of guns.
Good luck in your decision ...and remember, no matter what - make sure you have fun with the process !!
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