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Re: Long Term At-Ready Storage

Originally Posted by g.willikers View Post
You mentioned storing a scope with the rifle.
There's a caution with the protective paper, concerning possible damage to aluminum.
Hmmmm. That could be an issue. The scope is a Bushnell. It most certainly has an aluminum body - powder coated, but aluminum nonetheless. Are all the vapor products alike in that regards? If so, I may have to remove the scope, which isn't awful but it's not what I had planned. My brother &/or his kids may end up shooting the rifle and they are not as iron friendly as me. Decent quick release bases &/or rings just increases the cost of this idea and the Bushnell isn't that great of a scope to place that kind of investment into.

Perhaps I need to skip the paper, use BreakFree Collector, and place a desiccant inside the bag. Thoughts?
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