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9mm 1911 Reloading Report

first 9mm reloads on the Rock Chucker

1978 Colt Combat Commander in 9mm
Bar-Sto match barrel



Control rounds:
Federal 115gr FMJ - Avg 1081fps

DC Ammo Match 147gr FMJ 1.125OAL Fed primers - Avg 945fps

Reloaded rounds:
RMR Bullets - 124gr plated round nose (semi-flat)

Misc tumbled brass

Powder: Win231

Test loads: 4.1/4.4/4.7 Win231

OAL 1.10

4.1 = avg 992fps
4.4 = avg 1026fps
4.7 = avg 1066fps (most consistent)

Control target:

Best accuracy:
124gr (125 is incorrect on the pic) - 4.7gr Win231

Next best accurate:
4.1gr Win231

Conclusion: this 9mm Combat Commander likes 124gr Copper Round Nose over 4.7 Win231

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