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Overall length on the cartridge is a little harder to evaluate...and depends to some extent on bullet shape. I tend to load my rounds - in whatever caliber I'm loading ....on overall length / based on what I measure in terms of factory loads with similar weight and shaped bullets.

I also use a case gague ( you can buy them from Dillon and other sources ....but I use the case gague as a max overall length...and as a quick gague, drop the finished cases in and out ...if they drop in flush and drop out easily ...then I box them up. This will help you pick up an occasional primer that is too high, or a small crack that opened up in the case when you seated the bullet, or a nick of the base of the case ---all of which will show up as a feed issue. You can then reject that cartridge...pull the bullet and reclaim the components...

( You could do the same thing - by taking the barrel out of your gun / using the barrel chamber as a case gague )...but I find a good case gague allows me to run my reloads thru the tightest chambered guns I have ( like high end 1911's in 9mm ) as well as more production guns like Sig 239's , Sig 226's...with no issues.
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