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Originally Posted by Tom Servo
If there's an increase in crime, then obviously the current restrictions aren't enough, and they'll pass more.
Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. As cliche and trite an argument as it is, I believe that Colorado and NY recent gun control measures serve to illustrate the point that most gun laws aren't about gun control in the least, they are a matter of people control.

I'm glad MagPul moved too, set a good precedent I think.

Even though the venom spewed forth from the other side was especially evil. Didn't realize MagPul was a collection of death merchants. Reminds of that group that wanted to pour cement all over the H&K plant in Germany.

I also got a chuckle in the comments section over some article concerning MagPul that invoked General Smedley Butler and that the ammunition industry should be nationalized.
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