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M1 Garand Elevation

While on the M1, need some help (in two areas).

First, I recently obtained an M1 Garand from CMP and having difficulty zeroing, in particular, the elevation. Windage is fine but when zeroing in at 130 yards (max distance for our range), with the rear sight ALL the way down (bottomed out) the bullet strike is 8 - 10 inches above the X. Everything I see/read about adjusting the elevation has flexibility in raising/lowering the rear sight. I can't lower any more. Any suggestions?

Second, sorry about asking a question in a Reply to a Thread, but I cannot figure out how to initiate a New Thread. Have been told that when I open the forum in which I want to create a new thread, I will see a button called "New Thread." Have yet to see that. Any guidance? Maybe I'm not "opening the forum."
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