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How much do you all train?

Before December, I was practicing pistol every week. 150 rounds, minimum. I supplemented with dry fire.

With the ammunition crunch in effect, I'm doing draw and dry fire work at least 30 mins per session, 3x/week. I'm down to shooting 50 rounds of .40 with my Glock 23 (Gen 3) every other week. Doing this, I have found that I have stayed very sharp with my Glock 19 (Gen 4), which is what I carry.

Draw practice for me is often like this:

- from my usual concealment position
- watch TV. Pick a person on the show.
- when the camera angle changes, draw and break the first shot on that person.

I want to get a Sig 250 or other DAO pistol to practice with, so I can work on rapid fire drills with snap caps.
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