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High Prices

People are trying to sell there guns for a very high price right now because they are a pretty long waiting time from the Manufactures. I saw on Cheaper than Dirt they wanted $599.00 for a Beta C mag for an AR 15 AND $69.00 FOR A 30 ROUND COLT AR 15 MAG. People should keep these cheating companys in mind when all this BS is over on guns and ammo prices. Don't buy from these companys that tried to screw the public because of the shortages. People asking to much for there rifles and ammo will not sell them unless some one that does not know better will pay their prices. Things will get back to where they were in a few months just as soon as all this Gov. and State laws are stuck down in the courts. Please don't think these stupid laws that they are coming up with are going to pass mustar when they get to the courts. At least I don't think they will stand up. To much BS written into the new laws.
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