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gaseousclay, in high school I often wore an Amnesty International t-shirt. What if that had offended somebody?

In the early 1990s, what if a kid had worn a Mandela or "End Apartheid" shirt?

Today, some kids wear Che Guevara shirts.

So why would you try to justify, in the slightest, the idiotic position taken by this school and its resource officer?
I said I was sitting on the fence with the issue and not taking sides. just because YOU think the school's policies are idiotic is irrelevent. it's the school's jurisdiction and as such they have the right to enforce their policies as they see fit. gun rights, as espoused by the NRA, are a divisive issue in the US. comparing a pro-gun NRA t-shirt to human rights issue-related t-shirts such as Amnesty International and Apartheid is disingenuous imo.

But I will say that based on what i've read the student did nothing to violate school policy, so my opinion means nothing.
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