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Re: Long Term At-Ready Storage

Yeah, I'll avoid the greasy substances. My goal is to be able to store and use the rifle much as if I just had it at home. The BreakFree Collector seems like it will be an excellent second assurance. I love the fact that it is a grab-and-go protectant; that I don't need to clean anything off before shooting the rifle.

With the input I've received, it looks like I can meet the goal of keeping it simple with the following:
1) Run a patch through the barrel and wipe down the rifle with BreakFree Collector.
2) Wrap the rifle in the protecting paper.
3) Seal the rifle and paper in the impervious bag.
4) Place the bag, paper, and rifle in an inexpensive hard case (along with some BreakFree, patches, rod, cloth, paper, etc.)
5) Secure and store.
6) Take the rifle out and go shooting.
7) Repeat starting at Step 1.

I don't see how it can get much easier than the above process.

I'll want to keep supplies in the case that will allow me to store the rifle again without needing to take it home. Therefore I'll keep in the hard sided case a cleaning rod, patches, wipe cloth, BreakFree Collector, and a vapor protectant of some sort. I do see there are several different vapor based protectants available that are similar in function to the paper. I've ordered the paper, so I'll use it initially. But I don't know the details on its shelf life. Depending on the instructions I find when I get it, I may need to swap to some other vapor type protectant that will allow me to keep what I need in the storage case along with the rifle.

Does anyone note any issues with the strategy above?

Thanks again,
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