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I have been to their brick and mortar store. I have bought some "period clothing" from them. Their leather is made by Hunter. Same stuff your can buy from Sportsman's Guide. It is OK leather, but it is production line quality, looks machine made, not holster store leather quality. If you want to go a little higher quality and get handmade stuff, check out Cochise Leather. They have a web page, just google it. Cochise is mostly "old west" style. For concealed carry holsters I like Simply Rugged. I have several of his holsters and belts.

Edit; I just looked at the Cochise site and counted eight different styles of shoulder holsters mostly for the single action revolvers. In the search box just type "shoulder holster". I plan on buying on of those 3 1/2" Thunderers. I have a 5 1/2" Cimarron Artillery model now and love it.
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