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Proof is in the....patch?!

Been seeing a lot of "bore butter' "yes it does/no it sure doesn't" threads lately. Just though I'd share this. I clean all of my muzzle loader now ONLY with scalding water and TC 1000. I've even done side by side testing (using and not using) with identical guns.

The stuff just works.

Test guns "treated" with it load easier, shoot better and clean up a heck of a lot better with less patches used. I took my .50 cal double rifle out last Sunday for a good long shoot. Did the hot water/bore butter thing the night before, and never swabbed the bore during shooting. I was firing several different lead bullets with differing grain charges of regular pyrodex RS as well as 777, primed with German Hot musket caps.

honest truth here...I poured the barrels full of hot water, ran an old worn copper brush a couple times and mopped both barrels with a dry patch one time. Then ran a patch saturated with bore butter one time....and here it is:

Next I clean my custom Stag horn I made, in the same way (shot the same amount with the same loads but it has never ever had TC1000 down it since I bough it and polished with JB paste) Used half a bag of patches before they started coming out as clean as the 2nd patch in the double rifle.

It's sparks debate, love and down right hatred....but as for me I'll keep using bore butter, and have my MLs shoot better and clean up faster.
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