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It's not the pistols, it's the reloads in my opinion. I know several that shoot in Glock competitions and they run the absolute borderline powder charges for recoil
You nailed it. I'd say about 75% of our IPSC shooters use reloads and malfs are simply par for the course, no matter what gun you're using. Very few people can afford $80 worth of factory ammo every match and fabricate their own. Even so, primers and powder were quite elusive for about four months after congresscritters were considering various bans.

My CZ broke a trigger pin the last match and I opted to take a +5 instead of trying the stage with my backup P01. I've also had jams from my lead reloads not quite chambering.

The matches are a real eye opener. That supposedly reliable as death and taxes gun you covet for carry suddenly shows it's ugly side and gives you good 'tap-rack-bang' practice. As pointed out many are 'enhanced' with lighter springs, trigger work, aftermarket barrels and go-fast bits that reduce reliability in some circumstances.
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