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Old school meets new school

I decided to fix up the old Mossberg 500 my brother gave me a few years ago.

Here's how it turned out:

-Changed to a bantam stock because the LOP on the standard one is too long for me
-Single point sling mount
-Tac Star side saddle
-Brownells Mossberg 500 "high capacity" shotgun kit. I love this kit, if it was 18" instead of 20" with 1 shell capacity less, it would have been perfect. I wanted rifle sights because I intend to do more slug shooting.
-Surefire 623LM I never thought I'd buy one of these, because they're pretty expensive. But since the gun was free, I didn't feel too bad putting a little more money into it than I normally would. I love the ergos and function of it.

I sold the original furniture and a barrel on eBay so I only ended up putting $250 into this project, which is less than I could have bought a new Mossberg for around here.

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