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I'm not actually worried about the lion attacking. It was just a precipitating factor in her deciding that guns might occasionally be useful.

Also, I'd like to again remind everyone I'm not attempting to pick her out a gun. I'm just trying to get suggestions for some soft shooting smallish guns for her to look at. One of the few downsides of living in the sticks is that it takes some planning to see much in the way of selection. The current mess doesn't help.
Also, she will be taking a class - one of my buddies wives is even going to take it with her. The purpose of this thread was just to help be brainstorm guns that might work.

So, as of right now, the list I'm going to try to find for her to look at are:

CZ po1
HK P2000sk
Ruger sr9c
Ruger LCR
Sig P239
Sig p225 - assuming I can find one
SW M&P9c
SW sheild
SW 60/642/640

Also, we'll obviously peruse the shops we go to, and look at whatever else we see. Are there any glaring holes?
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