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Originally posted by ChasingWhitetail91:

There is no sport nor challenge in shooting a deer off a deck that you know is going to be there. It certaintly does not make you a deer hunter in doing so. do you place your stands? Randomly pick a spot because of comfort or access and hope and pray a deer might come by? Or do you place it somewhere you are positive will have a deer walk by within shooting range? Have you ever "patterned" the deer you are hunting? It is a method of scouting and watching animals until you know when and where they are gonna be at a particular spot. You then hunt that spot for the deer you KNOW are gonna be there. Does that certainly not make you a deer hunter also by doing so? Same goes for the camo clothing. Most of us that bowhunt, have one good hunting outfit for any given particular weather condition....and it generally is in camo. If we hunt outta a ground blind, even tho we don't need the camouflage, we still wear it because it's what we have and it works well for what we are doing. I assume this is the case in the It also probably helps to identify them to neighbors as bow hunters when they have to trail a deer onto another property.

As I said before, the show is just a T.V. show meant to entertain mainstream America. While it is not the hunt most of us enjoy and envision, it's still more a a hunt than those shows where World famous Jackie Buckshooter pays high dollars for a outfitter to bait an area and set up a stand or blind. Then after a big all you can eat breakfast, a ride to the stand in the outfitters' warm truck and sittin' for a coupla hours in a heated blind, Ol' Jackie shoots a "shooter" buck and exclaims......."man, that was a tuff hunt, but we stuck it out and it paid off!"
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