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Sig P226 with "E2-Hogue" Grip Modification

I never considered owning a Sig 226 until the E2 style grips came out. The smaller dimensions gave me a more natural control over the grip, But I really wanted the finger-grooves of a hogue wrap-around grip. To date Hogue does not offer a wrap-around grip with the same dimensions of the E2 style grip.

Attempt 1 involved cutting and molding a piece of plastic and sandwiching it between the factory grip and the frame. I drilled holes in the factory plastic grip to allow the insert to be anchored. The solution wasn't pretty, but it worked:

I ended up destroying the factory grip trying to fix the cosmetic issues. I bought and installed a hogue grip:

Today I buckled down and modified the Hogue grip. I essentially reduced the back strap to the size of the E2 grip. I started by marking on the inside of the grip's back strap how much material I wanted to remove then used my band saw to cut away the material on the one side. Using the first side as a reference, I cut the second to match. I then used the Dremel set to 15000 rpm with a 120gr flapper wheel for rough blending and finished it off with a rounded file and 100 grit sandpaper.

I ended up removing about 2-2.5mm of material from the back strap which doesn't sound like much but makes a hell of a difference for me.

Comparison to the Old style 226 to the E2 on paper:

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