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My all out favorite gun is the Winchester 94 dated around 1970 that my grandpa built for me. It came with a Marbles Arms semi buckhorn rear site and I used it for a few years just like that till I fell into the hype of scopes.

I mounted several cheap scopes on it that it rejected and ended up spending about $70 in the mid 90's on a better scope. I have killed an equal amount of deer with the iron sites vs. scope but I have a feeling when a longer range scoped rifle replaces the scope category I'll go back to iron sites and it will probably still stay my first choice for deer rifle.

Not to trash the Marlin's because they aren't trash either but the Winchester fits and thrills me a lot more. My dad has the marlin in 30-30 and 444 but sometimes he still pulls out his old 32 Winchester to remember all the deer, bear, and small game it shot.

When I started the conversion to rifle from a 20 gauge shotgun with slugs the 32 Winchester was the first gun he had me shoot. I almost wonder if it was a secret mission between him and my grandpa because about a month before deer season my Winchester appeared.
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