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Non-consistant bullets

I set out to load some 147GR Rainier plated HP 9mm bullets last night. However, it didnt take long to realize that the OAL was inconsistant. I was setting them to an OAL of 1.10 and some were coming out at longer lengths. After I loaded up 50 I counted 10 that were anywhere from 1.11 to 1.2. I dont want to set them deeper for fear of dangerous pressure spikes.

Today I guaged ten loose bullets from this lot and found a variation from .637 to .647 in length and 145.4GR to 146.6GR in weight. All were .354 diameter.

Just like to hear some thoughts on this because most of you guys know a good bit more about it than me.

In a 9MM is the OAL more important than the bullet seating depth?
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