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Water Dropping?

I've been reading about increasing the hardness of cast bullets by dropping them from the mold into water. I have also been reading about testing the hardness of bullets with a set of artists pencils.

I watched a YouTube the other day of a guy casting bullets and water dropping them. He made a few air cooled as well. He tested the hardness with his finger nail and came to the conclusion that water dropping and air cooled were the same hardness.

So, I tried it for myself. I tested the hardness of my air cooled cast bullets with pencils. I then cast a few bullets and dropped them into water. After about a hour I tested the water dropped bullets with pencils. Sure enough they tested the same as the air cooled bullets

Whats up with this? Do these bullets have to sit and cure for awhile before then become harder? If so How long should they sit before I test them for hardness?

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