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This is the latest little snippet from WSAZ in West Virgina.

An independent investigator will look into an incident in which a Logan Middle School student was suspended after refusing to remove a National Rifle Association T-shirt he wore to school.

The Logan County Board of Education agreed to hire the outside investigator......

Unfortunately they are mum as to specifically what the investigator is supposed to determine?

EDIT:... I find the wording "...agreed to hire..." curious as it suggests they are under outside pressure and submitted to this.

I wonder if it is pressure from the family and their lawyer and that they have come to an agreement to take certain actions based on findings from an outside investigation. A form of arbitration offered for "the good of all concerned" (my words here).

EDIT: Amended...

It also turns out that Jared is Allen Laudieri's (YouTube - BlackRifleAR15) step son, so now it makes sense why the kid stood up for his rights.
Could this also be the reason the Band teacher decided to make Jared remove his shirt? Maybe this Band Teacher doesn't like what Allen Laudieri does. It is a small school in a small town, everyone knows everything and this was happening the same time as the AWB Bill was being shot down.
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