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I agree with AZAK. Perhaps the actual gunsmith you initially sent it to would be willing to resurrect the gun, though it will certainly be more expensive this time around. I do know one excellent actual gunsmith in Chino Valley, AZ, Don Williams/Action Works. Don has done quality work for me on both the 1911s and Hi Powers.

I have long thought it interesting that there are no standards for claiming to be a "Gunsmith". Just get your FFL, or perhaps work through a shop, get a sign that says ~~~MASTER GUNSMITH~~~ or some such, and you are one. I'm a LE armorer for several manufactirer's guns, including the O-Frame Colt. Even we have to go to the factory authorized schools and demonstrate some level of knowledge ,skill and competency. I would not pretend to go out and claim to be a gunsmith. I've seen plenty of 1911s at gun shows with the same level of "skilled" gunsmithing work that yahoo did on your gun. Anyway, I agree, see if the original smith will take it on, and pay him whatever he charges...ymmv
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