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Citori 725 field VS feather

Well, I had my heart set on a 12 guage Browning Citori 725 field with a 28 inch bbl. I have been saving for awhile and am very, very close to target funds. Now I see there is a 725 feather put into the mix, now I am undecided again. Will be a pheasant hunting, and just for fun clay breaker. Haven't found much on the feather version or handled one. I have handled the field model every time I enter a store with one, just to make sure it still 'fits'. Will the field model handle recoil better because its heavier? Will the feather models weight and ease of carry for hunting be enough to outweigh more felt recoil while clay shooting? Surely it's not as simple as a recoil comparison but that is all the difference I can think of, what am I missing? I'm still leaning toward the field model by the way. Also, I believe there is roughly a pound difference in overall weight between them. Any info or opinion appreciated.
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