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Bumblebug, Win. 70's have won more shoulder fired rifle matches and set more records than any Remington has. There's a long list of items on their "Why Winnies are Better" list backing up why they were the favorite for decades. There's been old Winnies rebuilt some time ago with good barrels and ammo that regularly shot smaller test groups than current medium range benchrest records. The only truing up they need is squaring the receiver and bolt face with the barrel tenon threads and lapping the locking lugs to full contact. Doesn't matter if the boltway is a bit cockeyed to barrel's bore axis; it stays the same for each shot and therefore is very repeatable. And with their intregal recoil lug, a Winnie receiver can be rebarreled several times and the epoxy bedding in the stock will still fit perfectly for every instance.

To begin with for box magaxine repeaters, Winnies are near 3 times stiffer than a Remmie. Go measure them to find out for yourself.

But Winnies were never sold as barreled actions nor actions alone nor at such low prices like the Remmies were. But when more powerful cartridges than the .222 Rem. and .22 PPC were used in benchrest, those round Remmie receivers had to be glued into a flat bottom/sided sleeve to keep shooting one-holers. Winnies come with flat sides and a flat bottom where it counts.

But that's all awash these days with Tubb and Eliseo tube guns now being the most accurate bolt action repeaters on the market and they're so easy to build. However, they don't shoot any more accurate than the Winnies did decades ago.
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