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That sucks that you had a bad experience with Ruger, mine was just the opposite. All three times I called them they were short, courteous and to the point. Two of the times involved an RMA, in which case I was told the same thing both times: a prepaid label was being emailed to me at that moment, box up the gun and include a note describing the problem.

I paid for my gun when I bought it in January, since then it has been replaced by a higher-priced model due to a malfunction, and the replacement has been serviced due to a factory QC issue. None of which has cost me anything but time, for which Ruger sent me a few inexpensive bits of swag as a "we're sorry", which was a nice gesture if nothing else. Ruger also re-imbursed me for the transfer fee and background check on the replacement gun, since it had to go through my FFL.

Turnaround time was three weeks for the replacement, and two weeks for the repair from the day of my initial phone call.

It helps to ask for stuff that you think you deserve if they don't offer it up front. Also, I think it's better to call than use email. Mornings seem to be less busy, afternoons you may be on hold for fifteen minutes or so but you will get to talk to a human.

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