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I'll agree with the KHAR CM9. Or If you want to spend more for the polygonal rifling, dove tail front sight, and an extra magazine you can go with the PM model.
I came upon mine quite by coincidence. But I am very happy with It. I had been planning on a Ruger LC9 because of my good experience with the LCP, but don't regret getting the smaller, striker fired KAHR.
The only thing I didn't like is the sights with the front white dot, rear white line. But a little white sight paint in the grooves on each side of the rear sight notch fixed that just fine.
My CM 9 is not always pocket carried in a DeSantis Nemisis pocket holster. Depending on the particular clothing It is also often carried in a Theis IWB hy-brid holster in complete comfort.
It has been 100% reliable through somewhere around 300 rounds of various FMJ, and HP ammo. Speer Good Dot 124 gr. +P Short Barrel being my final choice for carry.
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