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Poor Bubba'd 1911 Colt Series 70

I had the flat mainspring housing, flat trigger, combat skeletized hammer, egw melt bushing, and beaver tail installed locally.

Or so I thought.

Anyways the failures were the beaver tail and the bushing. I received the gun with a non-functioning beaver tail (does not need to be depressed to fire) and the bushing was on so weird that the darn thing comes apart like a Glock.

I went a little crazy and I just said I'm not paying a dime and they agreed their smith is a wacko and let him go. Gave me my gun, and let me do my own search.

All I wish to do now is a get a normal barrel bushing, I don't trust the collet one even though its in the gun now because it sure beats that other piece of junk.

And the beaver tail because I got the gun with a duck bill I wasn't anywhere near of being fond of.

Anyone know how to walk me through it? Or where to send it? Any advice at all is welcome. And don't tell me I did a stupid thing trusting a local Miami gunsmith I know I did a stupid thing.

This is a range gun and it's supposed to be for fun.

I had then put this back on so it actually works before I left. Even though I hate it. That would now be fun to shoot.

I bought all my part minus the trigger from Brownells. Except the flat trigger which was from 10-8 performance.

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