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Bersa 383 DA/ .380 ACP

I have many .380 Sigs ( 230, 232, and 238 SAS), a Browning BDA .380 and others, but I have always been interested in the Bersa 380's. Last week I traded an old double barrel 20 gauge for this all steel Bersa .380 (Model 383 DA). It is a beautiful gun with really fine workmanship. I guess it is the predecessor to the current "Thunder" line of Bersa's which have alloy frames.

Shot it yesterday and it is very accurate. A little fussy on ammo (the best was Hornady Critical defense) but fun to shoot.

Would like any info on this gun and a source for the hard to get magazines (all other Bersa .380 magazines do not fit).

Thanks for your help,

Trooper Joe
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