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Madigan, Rahm, and Quinn don't have the votes to pass a restrictive may issue concealed carry bill and are afraid that a shall issue bill will pass with the June 9th deadline, so they are playing their last two cards, one to make sure a shall issue bill doesn't pass, which it won't now since the appeal process will eat up months at least and allow legislators afraid of the default carry deadline fast approaching in June an out. Meanwhile they will be free to keep trying to get the votes to pass a restrictive may issue bill. And two even if the USSC agrees to hear the case, a hearing and decision now would probably be more than a year away in late 2014. They are probably also banking that even if the USSC hears the Moore case and upholds the decision, that the court will issue a narrow decision that may rule in carry, but doesn't rule out may issue. Thus even appealing and losing the case would lose them nothing. Theoretically, if the USSC accepted the case and gave a narrow decision, there could be another election in Illinois before any action would have to be taken as a result, and thus it gives the powers that be a chance to get more gun control friendly politicians elected and pass a restrictive may issue law. The Chicago way - politics first, second, third, and always.
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