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Mine broke its hammer and its thumb safety within the first 300 rounds. Cheap parts, replaced by my local 1911 gunsmith with quality aftermarket parts. It has run fine since, but still, cost me an extra $200 plus, because I didn't want to ship it back to Taurus and wait 8 weeks to get the same cheap parts put back in it.

Taurus service may be a little better these days, but they still don't sound as fast as Smith and Ruger, and I doubt they pay shipping both ways like the others do. Correct me if I'm wrong.

For just a bit more, get a Springfield or Ruger. Better rep for both quality and service. Also Remington or Magnum Research maybe, and STI Spartan definitely.

Taurus isn't always bad, but they are never first rate in quality, and their service department has never been considered top class either.
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