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C'mon slim, you're talking about a sample of one from each AR. And comparing a two-stage trigger to a single. Apples to oranges. I have milspec triggers from Daniel Defense (2), Stag (3), ArmaLite (1, not their two-stage they sell to RRA) and have tried Colt, S&W, BM, DTI and DPMS. Of those, the first thing that comes to mind is how different they are. You just can't say one milspec trigger out of a standard LPK will be better than another. You have to see what luck gave you this time.
Funny considering half of those companies, including Colt for all of their rifles (civilian and military) buy their trigger components from CMT aka (Stag). Along with their uppers and lowers.

Everyone totes Colt like something magical still, and even after all of them I've owned, shot, or worked on, I still don't consider them the best. They are good, but they are still your basic mil spec rack rifle, which a lot of other companies build today.

People are really too nostalgic about them, up until a few years ago they were almost bankrupt, not a good sign for something that is supposed to be so amazing. They just lost a big chunk of their military contract to Remington as well.
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