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I have talked with a representative from palusol. She basically said I have a very little chance of getting ahold of the product. Its not something you can buy over the counter. I have found a different material that I will be using instead.

Right off the bat I was thinking of ways to do a internal hinge but I just couldn't figure out a way to do it using the tools I had. Itll take a lot to cut off/beat off three of those barrel hinges. I laid a nice deep stringer and then covered it with a nicer looking weave.


What are you meaning by jamb? The sheet metal of the door does overlap the gunsafe's sheet metal if thats what your trying to ask. That way it hides the pins. there is kind of a down fall to having pins visible and then hiding them. If they are visible well they could be cut. If you have an overlapping door like mine well some guy could probably wedge a crow bar under it and over a couple hours of brutal beating on it, eventually break/bend the pins. But who knows which is better. You dont see too many overlapping doors on gun safes so I imagine someone with a lot more brains than me did a study/test on it to find out, but overlapping is what I decided and what I did. No changing it haha. Plus it hides my minor mistakes on my door frame

After I finish up the drawers on the inside, we will be bringing it home to sandblast and paint. Ill get some more pictures up when I get the drawers finished and then after we blast/paint it.

This safe is going to be a burgundy or dark maroon if you will. With gold/brass colored pin stripping around the door, brass lock, and I am looking into someone who does brass coating so I can coat my handle. If not, we will try and find a brass colored paint or match it.
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