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Well JimDandy, as you noted...

We don't have enough information about what happened to make any judgement calls either way.
So by your own clearly made statement, you don't know if your citations apply or not because you don't have enough information to make a call either way.

Though I haven't seen anything where the LEO asked the guy to set it down and he didn't- Just that they walked up with guns drawn and took it from him.
Then you didn't listen to Grisham's claims in the links provided. He never claimed that they walked up to him with guns drawn. That information was provided several pages ago, LOL.

He specifically stated that the guns were NOT drawn when he was approached. He claims he would have surrendered his guns if they would have asked. The police's side of the story is that they responded to a complaint and that Grisham failed to comply with their demands and that they legally have the right to disarm him for their safety.
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