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Thanks for the support everyone. I will do my best to keep everyone updated as the cases progress.

Just a brief recap for anyone who might be confused, here is where things stand:

May 3rd: Holtz conference, Justice Deborah Chimes (Assault Weapons Ban)

May 13th: Dywinski conference, Justice Diane Devlin (LCAFD, common (non-AWB) firearms ban, registration.

Some people have expressed interest in the David Lewis case. That is a separate matter involving the targeted confiscation of Mr. Lewis's firearms. That said, anyone interested can email me; I can discuss anything that has already been released in the case.

There will be a release forthcoming in the next day or so about NY SAFE, were it stands, and how it affects you.

There is also another case filed by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association scheduled to be heard at the end of this year. There are many paths to victory and the cases should not directly influence each other, and in many ways augment each other; NYSRPA put forth identical arguments to those raised in our case, although there are a few other areas addressed by Dywinski.

Gun owners in New York State, and throughout the nation can rest assurred that every possible legal remedy is being pursued on multiple fronts by competent legal professionals.
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