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Thanks for all the good replies & info!

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but before custom actions came along, Rem 700's & 40X's were top choices for target shooters/rifle builders because they were easier to "blue-print". I guess because they are round & have a separate recoil lug. It just seems like if you were going to pay for a premium barrel you'd pony-up some dollars to true up the action too. The point is well taken that you can easily go past the point of diminishing returns on precision & dollars trying for more accuracy.

Out of curiosity, what would be a fair charge for a gunsmith to "blue-print" an action (i.e. true bolt face, true action face, center align threads & lap the lugs)?

Originally Posted by Bart B.
'Course I'd never have a round receiver fitted with a magnum cartridge anyway. Being very familiar with the problems top competitors had with them twisting askew in epoxy bedding from barrel torque when fired when such 'smithing was popular. Every 200 to 300 rounds, accuracy would drop from half MOA at 600 to over one MOA. Rebed and best accuracy returned; for another couple hundred rounds anyway.
Man, that's the first I've heard of that one! Makes sense though. I did notice that there weren't any "specialty-tools" for truing up Win Mod 70 actions.

Thanks again for all the good replies & advice...

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